Rambling Roundup 6/21 •SCIENCE•SCIFI•

Curious about the content in here?  Take a look at the topics in the post title.  Rambling roundup are links, bits, and other assorted stuff that caught my eye, but might not warent a whole post.  Ranging from interesting bits of science and tech, to humor and videos.  There’s a little bit of everyone.  Think of it as your personal internet curated and brought to you daily.

• SCIENCE • Our eyes are theoretically capable of sensing magnetic fields.  We can’t obviously… but we could theoretically… • io9

• SCIFI • Spoiler lite version about the new Torchwood mini-series.  I’m rather looking forward to this since it’s been 2 years since the last installment.  Torchwood: Miracle Day launches on Starz on July 8 at 10 PM. • io9

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