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So… today’s a bit long so today’s Rambling Roundup actually gets an into.  Today I’ve got: s’more ice-cream sandwiches, covers that go from 2-D into 3-D, and Horseman of the Apocalypse (well, no… not really).  Got some Disney Halloween news, IRL RISK, and some Zombies.  There’s also gummi worms from Dune, a LEGO breakfast maker, Facebook+Google mashup and a short film all about different tropes of movie styles.  There’s a little bit for everyone today.  Think of it as your personal internet curated and brought to you.

And yes… this is released early.  Typically these come out at night, but… I don’t want these to be more than 10 long… and I’ve already started another one for tonight. :^/

FOOD • A nice cold ice-cream toasty s’more sandwich… yes you hear that right. Toasty marshmallow s’more goodness wrapped in a ice-cream sandwich.YumSugar

WTF • This, I, uhm….  Yes I know it’s a reflection of something in the light (from the other spots on the screen that move with it) but seriously???  Be honest… you got a bit freaked out too at the end there. YouTube

GADGETS • Wish you electronics were a bit more 3 dimensional?  With this cover you can create glasses free 3-D effects on phones, computers, tablets.  You name it.  too bad it requires a stereo file to view 3 d and doesn’t somehow just create 3-D.  That really would be magic. Engadget

DISNEY • It’s July.  You know what that means…  Halloween!  You can now buy Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party tickets. Parties start the last Friday in September.  Yeah, you heard that part right too.  DisneyParks Blog

GAMES • Yea for bringing old games into real life.  Some inventive folks carved up NYC into a giant game of RISK.  Currently it just tallies up check ins with programs like FourSquare, but in the future it will allow for new features in the future.  • Engadget

SCIENCE • Need to make a zombie?  Apparently tumors are the key to keeping you alive. Yeah, that about fits. • i09

HUMOR • The story of Dune, recreated with Gummi worms… yes gummy worms. I wish this was stop animation. i09

TECH • Want all the new social trends, but familiar with the old setup?  Well if you’ve been lucky to get a Google invite and want the look of Facebook, someone’s created this nifty CSS layout for you! • TechCrunch

FOOD•DISNEY•TOYS• It’s LEGOs..  It’s pancakes… all in one video!  wow… I think I hear my childhood calling. • YouTube

HUMOR • Noir, zombies, alien invasion, cartoons… what more could you ask from a video on a holiday weekend? Short film shows of a bunch of different styles of movies all within a few minutes of film. • i09

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