Rambling Roundup 7/6 •SciFi•Food•Games•HowDo•DIY•

Curious about the content in here?  Take a look at the topics in the post title.  Rambling roundup are links, bits, and other assorted stuff that caught my eye, but might not warent a whole post.  Ranging from interesting bits of science and tech, to humor and videos.  There’s a little bit for everyone.  Think of it as your personal internet curated and brought to you daily.

• SCIFI • Interested in the new launch of Torchwood: Miracle Day, but not sure what you need to know about the Torchwood universe?  Good answer is not much.  Here’s io9’s complete guide to everything you need to know about Torchwood up till this point.  • io9

• FOOD • Fajitas… Tacos… both delicious.  But how do you know what your eating?  Technically a taco is the delivery method wrapped in a shell.  Fajitas are the type of beef inside.  So I’m guessing you can have a Fajita Taco?  • YumSugar

(retro)GAMES • That old classic game that first started LAN parties everywhere on macs is now available free for the iPad.  It also has 2 add-on packs (in app purchase) that will enhance the graphics and enable a “god-mode”   • MacRumors

• HOW DO• Trick candles work? Ever wonder why that candle your parent had on your birthday cake kept relighting, even though there was no flame?  Here’s your answer. • io9

• DIY • FIRE TORNADO! Very kewl and very “DO so at your own risk”. • YouTube

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