Mapnificent is Magnificent for Public Transportation

For those that live in cities, or commute to cities, or just plain visit them, the use of public transpiration is usually one of necessity.  With the introduction of Public transportation inside of Google Maps, the ability to find not just how to get to places, but when, was something of a minor miracle.  Now with Mapnificent, currently in Public beta, you can not only find out the how and the when part of the exaction, but also the how long and far parts.

As shown in the video below, The basic concept is this:  You drop you marker from your starting point.  This can be your apartment, home, coffee shop, friend’s location, whatever.  Then you move the slider to show how long you’d are to use your city’s fine public transportation system.  It then gives you a shaded area indicating where you can get in that time.  Curious what coffee shops are within a 15 minute trip form your work?  Just search for a location within a 15 min distance.  want to meet your friend on your lunch break?  add you friends location and choose intersect and now it only shows overlapping 15 minute distances.  That easy.

Still in public beta, and not available in all cities.  But for those that it is, very nice.  Very nice indeed.

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