About Me

So Tasel huh? That’d be pronounced more like “tazel” than “tassel”. Choose that as my screen name back in a time when you could still get a screen name without any fancy numbers or random letters in it. You could also chalk it up to me being a complete noob in school and having no clue how to spell anything. But that was years ago. Years, and years. Dear me how long has this internet thing been around?

Also bonus points to anyone that gets the “Are you always this articulate?” line (you know… without searching for it).

You can also find more interesting nuggets of me around the internet.

  • You can follow me over on Twitter. My username is @Tasel.
  • You can also check out the Instagram feed.  My user is Taselverse
  • You can find the Facebook page over at facebook.com/Taselverse
  • My more personal blog is over at Imagination Window and has things not so deep or interesting to those that don’t know me directly. But eh. It’s there if you are bored.


  1. About the Kodak video true colors, from Disney… found the version made for Disneyland Paris Kodak preshow… Watched it when I was 15 and never forgot it… just like you! now I found your blog and this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AH2MRHvGRj4
    Hope you like

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