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Streaming video and music from your iTunes to your iOS devices

There are many times when you might be around your house and want to watch a movie that’s on your computer, or a song that’s just not on your iPad or iPhone, but sitting not 20 feet away in another … Continue reading

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Curious about what FaceBook tells about you?

You know that old aphorisms: “If you aren’t paying for a product, you are the product”?  Well Facebook is “free” but what exactly does that mean to you?  What information do they really have about you?  Well you’d be surprised and Wolfram|Alpha just … Continue reading

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The secret to making good food

How does one become good at making food that people are drawn to? The question came to me while trying to avoid thinking about food on a day I’m fasting.  Perhaps its reverse psychology.  Who knows.  The thing that actually … Continue reading

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Online privacy doesn’t mean you have to stay offline

Now a days, privacy is on everyone’s mind.  We want an online presence, but don’t necessarily want our information found automatically by everyone we’ve ever known.  And yet we are more and more giving out more and more information, linking … Continue reading

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Rambling Roundup 6/14 •FOOD•HUMOR•TIPS & TRICKS•

Rambling roundup are links, bits, and other assorted stuff that caught my eye, but might not warent a whole post.  Ranging from interesting bits of science and tech, to humor and videos.  There’s a little bit of everyone.  Think of … Continue reading

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