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Why cable network companies are scared to death regarding à la carte service

I finally decided this holiday season to take the plunge and get Netflix.  Yes, yes, I know.  I told myself I got it for my daughter to watch all her shows, but let’s be honest, it’s a 50/50 split. However … Continue reading

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Curious about what FaceBook tells about you?

You know that old aphorisms: “If you aren’t paying for a product, you are the product”?  Well Facebook is “free” but what exactly does that mean to you?  What information do they really have about you?  Well you’d be surprised and Wolfram|Alpha just … Continue reading

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Top 10 – Enjoying Disney when not in the parks

It’s a common understanding among Disney World fans that it would be awesome to be at Disney every day.  And, unless you are part of the lucky few who live down there, this isn’t happening.  You are goign to spend … Continue reading

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f8 Conference – Timeline

At the f8 conference Facebook just released the newest feature – Timeline. The concept is to place a “timeline” of everything you’ve ever shared on Facebook in a visual layout.  It is arranged by month and years allowing you to … Continue reading

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Online privacy doesn’t mean you have to stay offline

Now a days, privacy is on everyone’s mind.  We want an online presence, but don’t necessarily want our information found automatically by everyone we’ve ever known.  And yet we are more and more giving out more and more information, linking … Continue reading

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Museum of Me Status

Intel’s Museum of Me ( http://www.intel.com/museumofme/r/index.htm ) creates a “visual archive of your social life.  Once you connect your FaceBook account, it will crawl your information, organize, and then show you… well you.  Everything is presented in a museum environment … Continue reading

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