Rambling Roundup 8/31 •Apple•iOS•Humor•

Curious about the content in here?  Take a look at the topics in the post title.  Rambling roundup are links, bits, and other assorted stuff that caught my eye, but might not warent a whole post.  Ranging from interesting bits of science and tech, to humor and videos.  There’s a little bit for everyone.  Think of it as your personal internet curated and brought to you daily.

• APPLE • Appears I was pretty right when I posted a roundup just of Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO.  But I didn’t realize how right.  Adam Penenberg wrote an article pretty much completely writen by linking to quotes from other articles.  It’s basically every article written about Steve’s retiring rolled into one article. FastCompany

• APPLE • And one more thing.  The Apple Blog put together an info-graphic over Steve’s life from founding Apple computer to retiring.  Very cute. The AppleBlog

• iOS • Although technically the bases work on all portable devices, Gigaom put together handy little tips to get every last ounce out of your battery.  Most of these I’ve been telling people for years, although turning off notifications was one that never occurred to me. Gigaom

• HUMOR • Absolutely brilliant.  So this is the concept.  Put a chatbot that can reply to spoken word… next to another chatbot that can do the dame.  What would they talk about?  Typically they are trying to fool humans into believe they are real, but what would happen if presented with themselves?  Answer: Hilarity. • engadget


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