Steve Jobs article roundup: Looking back and looking forward.

There’s a lot of thoughts and articles running around the internet right now about Steve Jobs’ retirement.  Instead of writing my own I’d thoughts (which would for all intense and purposes be redundant) I’d point you to the couple I’ve found online that seem to be the most useful.  Both in terms of the history and introspective of what Steve meant to Apple and the computer and electronic business, as well as what this means going forward now that Tim Cook is officially the CEO of Apple.  Here we go:

First up Steve’s resignation and a look back.

Macworld The resignation letter – “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.

TUAW Blog Steve’s history with Apple is an interesting one.  Starting the company way back in the 70s, only to be booted out in the 80’s only to be brought back in the 90’s.  And each time apple made a change that gained them market share or brought them into the spotlight, there was Steve shining a light on those products he loved.  And wanted us to love and embrace.  So here is a History looking back on how Apple has been effected and changed by Steve Job’s presence.  Love the comparison of the old apple products compared to the new ones – Desktop, laptops and mobile.

gigaom Steve has definitely changed his look over the years.  Gigaom showcases this history in magazine covers depicting his dramatic rise, dramatic fall and triumphant return to Apple, as well as his product leadership over the last three decades.

Youtube  Steve is nothing if not an excellent showman.  His keynotes have been mimicked by the tech industry.  They even created a whole program just to keep up with him.  However everything does not always run smoothly.  Not even for the grandmaster himself.  And since nothing takes the sting of sadness away like some laughter, here is some of Steve Jobs top Keynote Bloopers.

gigaomOK, this one is a bit redundant as we’re discussing it already.  But this is the last one in the “Steve” section so seems fitting.  Gigaom has compiled some of the industry’s tech CEOs, pundits, reports and other notable people’s response (even a governor in there) to Steve stepping down.  Check it out to see what the top brass think about his retirement.

Next up: Tim Cook the New CEO of Apple.

TUAW Blog Also could be titled as he said ““Relax. Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook is gonna do just fine.”” Michael Grothaus wrote an interesting article explaining his impression of Tim Cook way back in the day when he was just a sales guy.  They were at a iLife project meeting  and he showed up to do the presentation.  The way Tim Cook acted, responded, thought about things, didn’t rush to judgment, in addition to being right about how future trends and companies were going leaves in his mind that apple is in good hands.  Definitely worth a read.

gigaom So what will an Apple under Tim Cook look like? Its something the tech reports have been speculating on for a while, but now it’s a reality.  Short term… nothing probably nothing much changing.  Long term?  Much less predictable.  So don’t freak out and sell stock.  Everything will be much more buisness as usual in the next year or two.  iPhones will be released, new iPads will come out.  Apple will move on.

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