Apple March 2012 Invite

So it’s offical.  Apple released there invite for the March 7th event.  Couple things that we can figure from this image:

  • Event really is March 7th.
  • Retina display – the image is much clearer than an iPad currently is.  This would indicate a higher resolution screen.
  • The invitation appears to indicate we are going to get two devices.  One to see and one to touch.  Perhaps an indication that we are going to see a new product but won’t be able to get it right away?  And one that you will be able to buy right away? My guess as to the LTE iPad and a set-top AppleTV would fit that.
  • No home button?  or is this just an iPad on it’s side not to ruin the ascetics?  I have to say the later is more reasonable.

Do you have any other thoughts about this invite?  Leave them in the comment section below.

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