The list of podcasts I listen to typically overfill my iPhone/iTunes.  The amount of media I consume is split pretty evenly between TV/Movies and Podcasts.  Probably a little more heavy on the podcast side.  Here are my current Top 10.  All have been around for quite a while and update regularly, so no need to fear that you’ll start and they will just vanish as so many podcasts do.  They are listed alphabetically.  Clicking on the item will bring you to their website.

  • Atomic Trivia War 9000:  Who invented Godzilla? What was Cobra Commander’s real name? List three movies starring Pete Postlethwaite. If you can answer those questions, then this is up your ally. This is the trivia podcast with facts and figures, pop culture references, and a big dose of geekery. (iTunes Link) – may contain Explicit content
  • Dave and Joel’s Fast Karate for the Gentleman: Twice a week podcasts with one (loosely) covering video games, and the other anime.  I always end up laughing and grinning like a fool while listening to these two guys talk about things. (iTunes Link) – may contain Explicit content
  • GeekNights: 4 different podcasts rolled into one.   Alternates etween 2 shows each week.  Mondays – tech.  Tuesdays -Anime & Comics.  Wednesdays – Video Games.  Thursday – “Catch all”.  You can subscribe to all or each individual day.  Many may find them “geek snarky”, but they cover a wide range of topics with a very high production quality for a non-commercial podcasts.  If you are a geek, you’ll most likely enjoy this one. (iTunes Link) – may contain Explicit content
  • Inside the Magic: Rather good Disney Podcast.  Has been going on for years, even have been on it for a while.  Covers mainly Disney World, but also Disney as a whole.  Covers News, and events as well as contests, ride audio, in-depth info, and much more. (iTunes Link)
  • The Nerdist: Bi weekly podcast hosted by Chris Hardwick.  He has two co-hosts that get to talk about all things nerdy, as well as interviewing celebrities about thier nerdy intrests.  Overall very funny and geeky. (iTunes Link)
  • No Agenda: The “Podfather” and “CrankyGeek” talking bout Society & Culture, Government & Organizations, News & Politics.  It’s a little bit crackpot, and a little bit buzz kill… but all interesting. (iTunes Link) – may contain Explicit content
  • Onion (Radio) News Network: Ok this is a bit of a cheat.  This is actually two different podcasts.  One video one, one audio.  But they’re basically the same thing, same idea, same company.  For those that don’t know, The Onion is an online “Spoofed” Newspaper.  All made up funny stories.  All way over the top.  The podcasts does the same for radio news, and a CNN style video. (iTunes Link -video) (iTunes Link -audio)
  • Tech News Today: A TWIT network production, Tom Merritt brings you “Tech News Today” with co-hosts Sarah Lane and others. Get up to speed, with a fun and friendly ride through the need-to-know tech news of the day. (iTunes Link -video) (iTunes Link -audio)
  • Tekzilla: Tekzilla is a video podcasts about tech and making it work best for you.  There is one “main” episode once a week, as well as short “tech tips” each day. (iTunes Link)
  • TWIT: This podcast is a tech roundtable with many of the tech worlds influential people and tech commentaries.  It’s the podcast that launched what is now the TWIT network.  A bit long but a great way to sum up and get insights on the tech view of the world from tech correspondences and people deep in the tech industry. (iTunes Link)

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