Rambling Roundup 8/24 •SciFi•Gadgets•Fish•Humor•

Curious about the content in here?  Take a look at the topics in the post title.  Rambling roundup are links, bits, and other assorted stuff that caught my eye, but might not warent a whole post.  Ranging from interesting bits of science and tech, to humor and videos.  There’s a little bit for everyone.  Think of it as your personal internet curated and brought to you daily.

• SCI-FI • Most Sci-Fi geeks have seen about Doctor Who, or at least know what it is.  But if you look back on its 32 seasons (almost 50 years at this point) the show has varied greatly as to what it’s overall theme has been.  It has been everything from a monster of the week, gothic, wacky, serious, war torn, relationship… you name it it’s probably been it in some part or another.  So here are the 10 Totally Different Shows that Doctor Who has been over the years   • i09

• GADGETS • Want more to do with that iPad you have?  Well for one upscale resturant in NYC, they are using them to replace the menus they give people.  They claim that the higher price tag more than makes up for the cost in efficiency.  Orders are placed directly by the customers, and they get transmitted immediately to the kitchen.  And since all the prices and items are listed right there, it integrates and takes over the more traditional sales system.  The employee and the customer know exactly what everything cost and who’s getting what.  Very neat  • TUAW

• FISH • Well more specially JellyFish.  Well even more specifically your own jelly fish tank you can have at home.  This was developed by Alex Andon who deisgns it’s bigger custom bretheren over at jellyfishart.com you see in hotels, restaurants, and aquarium.  This one is for home use.  It only measures  16″ x 18″ x 8″ so small and easy enough for home use.  But still large enough for 3 jellyfish and a clown fish or two!  Little pricy, but nothing out of line for the same boring fishtanks at $350.  Still some time before the pre-orders are finished over at his kickstarter project on September 12, 2011. Sooooooooo tempting.  Someone tell me not to get this (or feed my glee and tell me to… your choice)  Kickstarter

• HUMOR • Not really sure how to classify these, other than “those are neat”.  Someone took the time to make these micro weapons from paperclips.  The idea was to practice his macro photography, but i can’t imagine the pictures actually being cooler than the little swords and weapons themselves.  A lot more pictures at the link Flicker (via Boing Boing )

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