Breakfast Egg Work Sandwich

Some people think that since they are going to work the best they can do is grab some coffee, or maybe if you’re adventurous a piece of fruit.  but the truth is you can create a rather satisfying breakfast, that can be cooked right in work (assuming you have a microwave) rather simply.  All I t take sis a minute or two of packing before leaving home.

In order to prep you just need to get a piece of Tupperware that will fit 2 slices of bread, 2 eggs, a piece of cheese (I prefer something with spice, like a pepper-jack or chipolte cheddar), and any extras (in this case 2 sausages).

Crack the two eggs and place in a bowl (or if no bowl, a disposable paper cup works too).

Scramble the eggs and place in microwave for about 30 sec (time will vary depending on your microwave)  you’re goal here isn’t to cook it all but to warm it all up and start the cooking process.

Once done it’ll look something like above.  Scrap the sides and stir.  There will be some pieces of cooked egg, but the majority will still be raw, but warm. place it back in the microwave for another 20 seconds.

At this point most of the eggs should be cooked, although not to a point you’d want to eat it all (unless your into the drinking raw egg thing).  Place half of the cheese on the scrambled eggs, and place back in the microwave for another 20 seconds.  At this time you can also heat up whatever extras you are using.  That can be sausage or bacon, or even adding some frozen spinach or chives in with the eggs.

If you have access to a toaster- bonus!  You can make some toast instead of just eating it on bread.  Once all the parts are cooked, it’s time to assemble.  Meat on bread, eggs on bread.  Combine and Enjoy!

I recommend for normal sliced bread 2 eggs, if you are going the english muffin route, I find that only 1 egg works well.  Starting off the day with protein has been shown to give you a jump start on your day over other breakfast foods such as donuts and bagels.  Any way you do it, you’ll have a delicious morning breakfast sandwich for under a dollar that will make your co-workers wonder if the company has started bringing in fresh food.

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