iPad for Business: Recap

Also known as the TLDR for the latest’s thread of posts. This week I covered 5 different categories that highlight business on the iPad.  Did I forget your favorite app?  Did I miss an entire category of apps, or perhaps a niche category you felt should have its own section?  Check out what I’ve posted this week and leave your comments below.  There are a lot of apps out there.  Some I weeded out due to duplicates, and some that I probably just don’t know about.  Trust me, if you know of an app that will make my life better, I will GREATLY appreciated it.

Business Apps
First up:  Business Apps.  Yes it seems redundant, and there may be some overlap in my categories but when you think about it, many apps are specifically designed for work.  Wether it be word processing, presentations, or just general work.iPad Business Apps

Communication Apps
Second only to the most generic of business apps is communication.  Without being able to discuss what you will be doing, or share what you’ve already done, doing the actual work is kinda useless.  So below are different apps to allow you to do just that.iPad Communication Apps

Workflow Apps
Everyone works in their own way.  Jotting down the bit of information, saving websites to come back to later, a way that they access and move about their files, everyone handles they way they do their work differently.  These are the apps to help you do just that.

iPad Workflow Apps

Niche Apps
Applications that meet a need but aren’t for everyone.  From Guides to remote location maps, drawing to remote control, these are the apps that help you out in those unique situations.iPad Niche Apps

Power User Apps & Gadgets
These are the apps and gadgets that you use when you need more ümph in your application.  You’ll see here a lot of apps I’ve already covered previously.  But these apps and gadgets take those ideas to the next step.  Need something more than a simple program will let you?  There’s an app for that.  Perhaps you need that extra help for applications you already have?  Add a gadget to take it to the next level.  Of course with that extra bit of power comes a bigger price tag.  But for those of us that need to work with high level apps, these items are waiting for you.iPad Power User Apps and Gadgets

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