Food and Wine Festival – 2011 : Item checklist

Food and wine is quickly coming up this year.  And luckily for those that are attending, there is tons of food and wine, and beer, and desserts, and cocktails, and… well you get the idea. But trying to keep track (or for those with forethought: planning) the list over 180 items available this year just at the marketplace booths around the World Showcase can be quite the task.

Well I’m here to help with that.

Every year I try to try everything.  Back when I was much younger, it was easier.  When they started 15+ years ago there were just 12 booths to start snacking at.  When I first went back in 2001 there were 17 booths.  Now there are 30 booths to sample.  Makes it much harder (not to mention pricy) to try everything.

So what does one do to try to keep track of all 180 items to taste, savor and (of course) pay for?  Well while trying to figure out how not to spend the approx $800 on trying everything, and thinking of ways to categorize those I’ve had, not had, and don’t want to try again, I created a handy little list, a cheat sheet if you will.  Fits on 3 pages, and covers all the booths.  Has a “shortened” version of the names with all related info moved to the “info” column.  As well as, for the tech savvy, an Excel file and Numbers file all with easy sorting features.  Mark off what you’d like to try, and check off items once you’ve had them.

Whether you plan on try to empty your wallet to try everything, or be more like myself and plan out which items you want to make sure you don’t miss, this cheat sheet is essential.  I will be using the Numbers version on my iPhone, so I can check off things as I go and add additional notes, without having to drag around paper and a pen.

I also figured out some interesting facts as I put this all together:

  • There are 55 entrées
  • 17 different deserts
  • 2 sampler platters
  • 51 different wines
  • 37 different beers
  • 12 cocktail/mixed drinks (non-wine/beer)
  • Estimating avg $6 per entrée, $4 for a dessert, sampler, and cocktail, $3.5 for a glass of wine, and $3 for a beer (completely guessing from memory on these) it would cost $779.50 to try everything.  Even if I’m slightly off that’s still a ton of money.

And although there are a bunch of sites up to hep you out (DisneyFoodBlog and being my 2 favorite) I haven’t yet seen anything like this.  This is free for everyone to use.  Information is valid up till today (8/16) and of course information can change.

Food and Wine Festival checklist pdf
Food and Wine Festival checklist excel file
Food and Wine Festival Numbers file




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  1. What an awesome tool! Thanks for all your effort! While I am an Android user, my wife and her family are iOS. So yes, please send the Numbers file or instructions how to get to it.


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