Top 10 – Disney foods

I covered my favorite restaurants.  Today I’ll dive into my
favorite foods.  There are of course many of people’s
favorites that didn’t make this list.  Mickey bars (I jut
can’t get excited over pre packaged ice-cream), Churro (the little
fried things are nice… but eh I have my favorite fried food
already), and of course, and I KNOW I’m going to flack for this…
Turkey Legs.  Yes I know.  Everyone loves them.  But
honestly, aren’t they getting a little old?  For me the
novelty has worn out and when all is said and done you just have a
huge drumstick.  Still tasty and nice and love the smell of
them… but definitely not something I must have each trip.
 I’ve once again only allowed myself with foods I’ve had,
since I know there are plenty of places with fabulous food I
haven’t gotten to yet.  Read on, and share your own favorites
below in the comments.


Pineapple Juice
Sunshine Tree Terrace –
Adventureland – Magic Kingdom
$4.19 – Pineapple
Juice with Vanilla/Pineapple swirl soft-serve ice cream I don’t
know anyone who doesn’t like this.  I prefer the float to the
straight up DoleWhip since you the additional tanginess of the
Pineapple is balanced by the straight flavor of the
vanilla/pineapple swirl.  I typically have at least 2-3 of
these in a week’s trip (ignoring “helping” others finish their
own).  Perfect for a hot day or finishing off a cool night.
Taco Salad
Tortuga Tavern (formerly El Pirata y el
Perico) – Adventureland – Magic Kingdom
– Crisp flour tortilla with seasoned beef I hear you already.
 That doesn’t look tasty.  But, for those not familiar
with what this represents, you’re missing out.  Tortuga Tavern
has a Taco Fix’ns bar.  So the SKy’s the limit with how you
want to make it.  Fill it with cheese, lettuce, salsa,
everything you’d expect to be on your taco.  Don’t like
lettuce? Skip it.  Up to you.  I love overfilling mine,
and dousing in a fair share of hot sauce packets.
French Fries And
Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe –
Frontierland – Magic Kingdom & Cosmic Ray’s Starlight
Cafe Tomorrowland – Magic Kingdom
$2.49 Admittedly
simple, and yet oh so addictive.  Both locations allow you to
put on your own hot “cheese” (errr.. not sure it is cheese but it
is cheesy) from the bar.  So if you in the mood to smoother,
go right ahead.  Want to dip, you can do that too.  Try
to have this at least once a trip.  I’m on vacation after all
right? Fried Shrimp and
Fish Basket
Columbia Harbour House –
Liberty Square – Magic Kingdom
$8.99 – Served with
cole slaw and steamed fresh broccoli, choice of either French Fries
or Apple Slices Although the ambiance of this restaurant upstairs
might give the food an unfair advantage, Fried Seafood is
definitely a guilt pleasure.  So to enjoy good fried fish and
shrimp (just ignore the cole slaw… not a fan) at Disney?


1/2 Slab of St. Louis Ribs
Flame Tree BBQ – Animal Kingdom
$10.49 – served with baked beans and corn muffin
There just seems something wrong with snarfing down BBQ ribs in an
animal theme park.  But they are delicious none the less. Not
a lot of sauce (although you can get extra from the condiments
section… bit sweet though).  The baked beans have a nice
garlicky smoky vinegar flavor, and the corn muffin helps even
everything out.


La Cantina de San Angel Mexico
– Epcot’s World Showcase
– corn tortilla chips with ground beef, nacho cheese, fresh
tomatoes, jalapenos, black beans, and sour cream This falls back on
my love of all things faux mexican, but there is something about a
huge plate of nachos.  Only thing I wish they had been a
“to-go” container so I could easily eat this as I walk around the
world. Canadian Cheddar
Cheese Soup
@ Le Cellier – Canada –
Epcot’s World Showcase Cup $5.49 Bowl $6.99 – 
with Moosehead Beer and Smoked Bacon Small caveat here… I’ve
never really had this.  Well I have
but never actually at Le Cellier.  Luckily every year they
have it at the Canada Booth during Food and Wine, so I’ve had the
smaller portable version of the restaurants famed soup.  I’ve
even made it at home with the Recipe provided by Disney in the Food
and Wine Cook book. Smoky, cheese without being over powering… A
delicious soup even on a hot day.  Even better with an
ice-cold beer to go along with it. Fish and Chips
Yorkshire County Fish and Chips –
England – Epcot’s World Showcase
$7.99 – 2
Strip s of Fish served with Chips This goes back to my love of
vinegar… I mean fried seafood.  You can’t pass through
England without stopping at least once to get some Fish and Chips.
 Crisp, lightly battered, and flaky, they are delicious.
 And the “newspaper” that they place it in… amazing touch.
Funnel Cake with
sugar and
Funnel Cakes American Adventure – World
Showcase Epcot
$8.00 Another Fried food addiction, but
hey – In Disney there are no calories right?  At least once a
trip I get a hankering for this fair food and head on over to the
American pavilion.  Lightly dusted with powered sugar and some
strawberries is the way to go.  Oh and remember to eat it
fast.  Cold Funnel Cake never tastes as good.


Kitchen Sink
Beaches and Cream – Beach Club

Kitchen Sink – Eight Scoops
of Ice Cream served with all the Toppings in the house and a whole
can of Whipped Cream $23.99 Probably the only thing on this list
that A)I can’t eat myself, and B) I don’t have every time I’m down
in Disney but desperately want to… Curious what’s in this
monstrous dish meant to sever 4?:

A ladle of Chocolate Fudge, a ladle of Butterscotch, a ladle of Peanut
butter, 2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream, 2 Scoops Chocolate Ice Cream, 2 Scoops Strawberry Ice Cream, 1 Scoop Coffee Ice Cream, 1 Scoop Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Pineapple Topping, Strawberry Topping, Entire Banana, a Muffin, Entire Can of Whipped Cream, a Large Brownie, an Angel Food Cake, an Entire Milky Way Bar, 4 Oreos, Every single type of sprinkle in the house, Chocolate Syrup, Marshmallow Topping, and topped with a handful of Maraschino Cherries… Dear God make it stop…

Have your own Favorite foods? Comment
below and let me know what I should try this upcoming week!

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