Guest spot on Cptn Monkey Feet Live Stream

I happened to be on during Monkey’s live stream and helped him out try to recover his items from his previous exploration of the End City.  I show up briefly 1:39 and then finally make it back to him around 2:42 for the End city battle.

From Monkey’s description:

For this Extra-long livestream, the monkey is back in The End on the Minecraft: Pocket Edition realm of [THE 77TH COMBINE] with the mission to find his way back to the End City that claimed him! Battling his way through endermen, crashes, and a faulty stream, Monkey heads out with a solitary goal: Reclaim his lost gear. Will he succeed?

This episode the Monkey is joined by JRTasel, and the two take vengeance on the Shulkers that caused the monkey’s demise on his previous visit!

— Watch live (almost) every day at:

Monstercat FM – 24/7 VOD Friendly Music Stream:

Mentos are NOT a sponsor of this channel or it’s contents. There is no affiliation in any way, other than Mentos loving Monkey SO much that they HAD to jump into his groceries to come home with him.

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