New 77th Combine Realm website

Hello everybody.  This is just a quick little post.  I’ve been doing some work for the realm I’m a member of.  I’ve finished designing and setting up our realm website and we just released it to the public this weekend.  Pretty proud of it’s design, content, and general usefulness, and I wanted to share it with all of you!  So come check it out!

As time goes on we will be doing blog updates for different builds, realm news, more images and video, and hopefully a lot of content that people will enjoy seeing.  Our web team will be growing, to help show a diverse range of content from the 77th Combine community.  Be sure to click Follow to be notified of updates.

Additionally, the realm now has the Twitter account @77thCombine that will be used to notify of website updates, Minecraft updates, and really anything that is of interest.  Feel free to follow that as well.

Categories: MineCraft with Tasel, News

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