Rivers of Light

I had a family trip to Animal Kingdom back in Feb.  We were lucky enough to be there 3 days after the opening of Rivers of Light.  In a park where they can’t do fireworks at night (as it will spook the animals) the combinations of colors, sounds, and water effects makes this now my second favorite night time show.  Will be interesting to see how the new firework show over at the Magic Kingdom stacks up once I see that in October.

For those going down there I strong suggest you see it.  I live streamed it on FaceBook, and luckily was able to save afterwards a HD version on my phone from it.  For those that missed that stream, or that can’t see it anytime soon (or just want to see it again), I present a very cleaned up version of the show below.  I did a lot of tweaking to get it to sound right and.  I’ve cut down my recording to right before the show and most of the song afterwards.

All rights reserved by Disney

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