Next generation of Operating Systems

Here’s an update on what the tech companies will be getting to you for your daily life.  This includes the recent keynotes from Google, Microsoft and Apple.

Here’s a hint of what they are doing – It’s all about bringing Mobile to your desktop life.

Google’s IO event:
Google showed off their new OS that will for the first time be on both phones and tablets   – Ice Cream Sandwich. They also showed off the new Google Music Beta, a process for streaming your music form the cloud to all your devices.  In addition they announced the ability to rent movies form the Android marketplace.  And on top of all that, they announced items that extend beyond mobile:  the Android Open Accessory initiative which will allow normal devices to be controlled remotely form your phone or any Android device.  Day 1 keynote stream which covers most of this is linked to below.

Microsoft’s Phone 7.1 & Windows 8:
Microsoft’s mission to make a more smart and easier phone – code named Mango.  The new phone system will have conversation threads, which integrate all forms of messaging (SMS, facebook, email etc) into one “thread”.  They have also introduced Live Tiles to allow more dynamic information from apps. Internet Explorer 9 will also be in the new phone with support of the HTML5 standard.  Video for the Windows Phone ‘Mango’ Press Conference below.

In addition Microsoft introduced separately their upcoming Windows 8.  At it’s heart, it’s 2 operating systems.  They’ve taken the traditional desktop experience (in this case Windows 7) and added on top of it the mobile tile experience (windows Phone 7) and created a new operating system.  So new applications will have two modes depending on how you are using the OS.  This includes features such as an on screen keyboard you can click on, integration with social media (Twitter, Facebook), an app store built in, and a new Internet Explorer 10.  Only video i could find was on Youtube.  Link below.

Apple’s Keynote @ WWDC:
Apple presented their next big things.  They showed off Lion (10.7) coming out in June 2011, iOS5 and iCloud both coming out this fall.  Lion sports a fully integrated app store, auto save new app launcher called Launchpad and full screen applications.  iOS5 now has twitter integration, a new messaging system and new “NewStand” for magazines and newspapers.  iCloud introduces a new “digital hub” that takes care of syncing all your content whether on a mac or PC, tablet or phone, all for free.  They also introduced a new music service called “iTunes Match” which fingerprints your library and allows you to download music, or upload you unique tracks… for a $25 a year.  Full video steam is below with information about the items themselves all on apple’s website.

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