Happiest place in a galaxy far far away

Viral advertisement videos only work if they fit one of two categories.

The first is that you don’t know it’s a advertisement.  You just enjoying it for what it is and then at the end it’s revealed it is an advertisement.  And then looking back you get it.  It’s one big ad.  But by then you’ve already enjoyed the video and don’t care that it is indeed an ad, so it doesn’t matter.

This video isn’t that type.  This is the type that you see right up front it’s an advertisement, but the concept is so… strange, that you just want to sorta see where it goes.  Like Christopher Walken in a music video dancing.  Or a half naked man in a towel with a deep voice saying and doing strange things.  Your brain just sorta does it’s own double take and want to see more.

So enjoy the brain stutter.

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