Planning Podcasts… You interested?

I’ve been meaning to do this for years, but only now with all my “free” time have been able to get around planning this.  You might have heard me talk about podcasts before.  I’ve been listening to them since they came into their own back in 2005.  And as I’ve listened and watched, it has always been in the back of my mind “Why can’t I do that? I have plenty to say?”

Well time has come to man up.  This is my plan… Want in?

Honestly the idea to get into gear came form two of my friends: Vann and John.  The three of of us would go out to lunch and discus all sorts of things.  Tech, politics, TV, Video games… you name it.  It came up once or twice to just do this over Skype but we never got around to it.

Fast forward a few months and John started his own podcast along with some of his friends called “Preorder 66“, a high-end toys podcast, covering recent news in 1/6 scale collectibles, action figures, statues, busts and import robots.  They wanted me to take a look at the first episode and give some ideas (since I’m a podcast nut). This resparked my interest in creating my own podcasts.

Unfortunately constraints of job, and home, prevented me from planning out what I actually want to do.  Then came being laid off in November and I found myself with a lot more time.  After a while I found myself going down to Wilton to have lunch with Vann one every other week and the idea again reminded me of doing a podcast.  Traveling down there to see Vann was nice, but almost unnecessary in this modern era.

So that brings us to now.  I took a look at all the podcasts I listen to (wow it’s a long list) and came up with the following ideas:

  • A Mac Podcast – This one seems like a  no brainer.  I love my macs and have plenty ideas about them.  It probably consumed about half of everything we talked about at our lunch meetings.  Main inspiration – MacBreak Weekly
  • Trivia Podcast –  I have a fair amount of these podcasts and have always been mentioned a fountain of knowledge.  Perhaps too much knowledge at times.  So why not host a trivia show for everyone?  Main inspiration – Atomic Trivia War 9000 
  • A Food video podcast – This actually came into my head due to the LACK of food podcasts I listen to.  I used to watch a podcast that made one meal/dish each week that the average person could make.  This podcast would follow that same idea of 1 recipe each week people could enjoy.  Main inspiration – Food Mob
  • Tangents Podcast –  this would be more a general catch all podcast ranging from politics to tv to the local party we went to.  A more general podcasts to catch all those things that don’t easily ft into another category. Main inspiration – East Meets West

The Mac and Tangents would be a round table where I host and have a co-host.  Perhaps 2-3 guest each episode.  The Trivia podcast would be me hosting with 2-3 standard guests, with perhaps 1 or 2 visiting contestants.  Food, being a video podcast, would be my most ambition (and probably the last for me to actually get off the ground) and as I’d record it in my kitchen would be difficult for people to be on it (unless you plan on visiting).  All would be recorded bi-weekly.  I’d love to do them weekly… but I’m alreayd pushing myself by the idea of multiple podcasts, and don’t want to stretch myself or others too thin.

I also have a bunch of other ideas, but none are flushed out.  A more general podcast on tech (aka TNT or TWT), a daddy/parenting podcast, a tips podcast (short show with tips on iOS and/or Mac), and a number of other ones rumbling around in my head.  Love to do something Disney related, but not sure what I could do on that front.  Even had the idea of a generational podcast as my grandfather is a big tech user and I’d love to hear his opinions on living through all this in comparison to myself or my current generation.

I know Vann is already interested in co-hosting the mac podcast, and couple people have expressed interest in guesting on that.  Co-hosting means that you would be on (basically) every episode and help in researching whatever topics my be covered that week, as well as finding anyone interesting to be on the show.  The reason for a co-host is me talking to myself is kinda dull, and even without guests you still have an interesting conversation that can take place between 2 people.  Guesting would involve being on the podcast every so often and just supplying your opinion.  Recordings I’d hope to start in the new year.

So that’s part of the reason I’m making this post.  Seeing if anyone would be interested in being on or co-hosting anything.  I’m also though looking if anyone has ideas for a podcast they’d like to do.  I’d be willing to set it up and host (or co-host) it and do the editing (although most would be more “live” type shows).  If your interested, either in being on, (co-)hosting, or just have an idea for a podcast that you’d be interested in, please contact me and let me know.

I’m also looking for ideas for names… both for the shows and whatever this collection of podcasts would be called.  So if you have any ideas please let me know there too.  I have some ideas, but am interested in hearing what you all think.

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  1. I also like the twit podcast. I am looking to start a new podcast as well as continue mine. I would be more than willing to chat about ideas. I am familiar with audacity, sponsors and the application process for many of the pod casting websites as well as iTunes. As far as the live part goes that is a bit more restricting so may need to discuss as i am always on call. Let me know.

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