Food and Wine 2015 Checklist

patagonia-booth-2015Food and Wine is once again upon us.  With almost 40 booths, over 100 Food items, over 160 drink choices, and bunch of flights… it’s in your best interest to figure out what you would like before being caught up in everything.  Otherwise you’ll quickly find yourself spending way too much, and still possibly missing some of the best items you’d like to try.  What you need is a little foreknowledge and a little planning.

Well I’m here to help with that.

I’ve done this last time I went to Food and Wine back in 2011.  And it only has gotten bigger and more tasty.  I put together a spreadsheet from various sources (mainly Disney’s Event page and the Disney Food Blog).  With that information I made a full check list of all the items, prices, and set it up in a way to easily use.  Now when I go, I will know roughly house much I’m expecting to spend at Food & Wine!

To use the PDF, it is fairly straight forward – check off what you want, and that way you won’t miss things when you are down there.  Just make sure you don’t get the paper wet!

To use the worksheet is a little more complicated, but gives you more info.  In the 2015 column put an indicator for each person, or group.  You can use a J (for Josh) or just a number (1,2, etc).  Just make sure on the second page the items match.  You can also mark how many that counts for (in case both you and your buddy would like to buy it).  The formulas should do the rest.

For example:

Two of us are going down for a few days.  I’ve marked off what both of us want to try (sharing tastes of course…) and also what neither of us want to share so we will have to buy 2 of.  That gives us Identifiers 1, 2, and 3.  The 3rd item has 2 people, so it gets a 2 on the amount line, instead of a 1.  So I know that I should be expecting to spend roughly $330 to try everything we would like.

Some interesting info from this year’s Food and Wine:

  • There are 70 entrées
  • 28 different deserts
  • 80 different wines
  • 43 different beers
  • 6 ciders
  • 32 cocktail/mixed drinks (non-wine/beer)
  • If you wanted to eat and drink 1 of everything, be prepare to spend $1,534.48.  And that’s without seconds on the alcoholic Dole-whip.  All the more reason to plan ahead.

And always, it’s useful to do some recon.  Below are some useful links:

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