Prepping for Disney overview

Tech is a daily part of our lives.  Vacations are a way to get away from everything, but a little tech on a Disney Trip will go a long way.  I want to show you, what tech goes into my trips, and maybe after explaining why, they will go into yours as well.

When you are around the Disney parts you can’t help but see people using tech.  Whether it be in the parks when on their phones or using their magic bands, taking pictures and video, or playing games with friends while waiting in line.  And while having a ton of tech on vacation often will take you out of the relaxation zone, a little tech with you, and some prep will go a long way.

This week I’l be covering the tech I use. I’ll be covering the tech I use before leaving home, the apps I load on my phone, as well as the tech that comes with me to the parks and get left in the hotel.

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